Talent Sverige AB is fully owned by Peter Hård.

Peter Hård is an experienced leader, developer, coach and facilitator. He has worked for 16 years with leadership development as a recruitment consultant and interim manager for Swedish and international consulting firms and organizations.

Peter has headed Talent Sweden AB for 11 years, successfully developing leaders and leadership teams. Peter has multiple international coaching certifications and has developed his own inspirational style over the years which, combined with a unique focus on growth and endurance, brings out the best in clients, colleagues and employees.

Peter’s driving force is taking leaders and teams forward and developing their talents. Peter is happy to work as a facilitator to help the team and management work with focused interaction and benchmarking. As an interim manager he has often been leased to companies and organizations in roles such as Leadership Developer, HR manager and Change Leader, as well as for shorter inspirational, product development and problem-solving projects.

Peter has 15 years’ experience in executive search and professional recruitment. His on-boarding program helps leaders entering their new roles perform at their best.

Peter has proven, validated methods for producing tailored and inspirational blended learning coaching and development programs for leaders and teams. He also holds lectures on team development, collaboration, leadership, communication and networking and runs business communication games and stimulating workshops. As an inspirational speaker, Peter often uses practical exercises in his performances. His focus is often on what people can accomplish together with a common vision and a common purpose. Peter lectures on various subjects with the common approach of identifying and developing the power that already exists in individuals, in teams and activities.

Peter’s clients include Adecco, Axfood, Bonniers, Coop, Ericsson, Ernst & Young, Komatsu, Nordea, Skanska, TeliaSonera, Vodafone, Vasakronan and YIT, as well as organizations such as Villaägarna, Save the Children, SIDA and several municipalities/city councils. In recent years Peter has coached Nordic managers in the banking and media sectors. He has also acted as HR manager for three companies and acting principal of a secondary school in Stockholm.

Peter is currently working on a major project for Ericson in the Middle East and Asia, where he coaches the region’s leaders and management team. Peter is also one of the driving forces behind an extensive coaching program for leaders in the health care sector in northern Stockholm. This project includes over 250 managers and 40 teams active in both municipal and private health care management. Peter’s client list also currently includes a couple of CEOs of large and mid-sized companies, regional managers of large companies and directors of governmental organizations and NGOs.

He is educated at Law at the University of Stockholm and has pursued post-graduate studies in communication and leadership. He is internationally certified in 5 coaching disciplines: PCC/ICF, ORSC, AF/TCI, ICC/ICC, and CCC/DDE. Peter is a business development advisor to Team Coaching International Inc.

Peter previously worked as Sales, Marketing, Communication and Quality Manager in the insurance industry for WASA/Länsförsäkringar, as an executive search consultant for Proffice and Korn Ferry Inc. and as CEO of Nordic change management consultancy Struktur / Svenska kontor AB.

In 2007 Peter co-authored with Tomas Lönn “What am I doing?”, an inspirational book about coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy and personal development.

Peter participates in networks with several leading consultants in leadership and staff development. He has an extensive network that provides his partners and clients with quick access to the best consultants and vendors in leadership and employee development.