Individual coaching

As an individual professional, leader or apprentice, you strive for something. Whatever that may be, it is up to you to reach it. It is about how you deliver on your talent. You are the one you have been waiting for.
Through individual coaching you can reach higher than you and your surroundings expects. We are here to help you reach your goals in the time and manner you want it or maybe in an unexpected way.

Executive Coaching

Is about helping leaders to achieve their best self and to create the results they want to have in their professional and personal lives. The process leading to the leader works to move from insight and knowledge into active and conscious act. Executive coaching covers most areas of vision, strategies and performance management to business results, but also softer issues such as communication and collaboration, professional development, leadership, performance and employee development. The coach allows the leader to give his best, learn and develop in the desired direction.
Talent has extensive experience of working with leadership development. We are trained and certified in world-leading methodologies for getting individuals to develop into strong, sustainable and well functioning professionals or leaders. You will reach your next level at the place where you are today or at another place in the future.

Coaching for Team leadership

As a Company Leader or Organizational Development Leader, you might be struggling with a group that wants to be a team or a team that is becoming dysfunctional. When you are missing a supportive framework, or when you are finding it difficult to handle all the new roles in a new team and to balance activities. Maybe you yourself is new as a leader and are struggling with your own dedication to success & readiness to adapt and you have to do that in balance with others. Or when you are running a successful team, how to avoid becoming fat and happy cats and then wondering why your programs aren’t providing the ROI and desired business measure?

Then Team Leadership Coaching is useful
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