Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching – or individual leadership coaching – is when a manager works one-on-one with an executive coach on his or her own particular strengths and weaknesses to maximize individual potential. Executive coaching develops potential, dramatically improves performance and steers individuals to a line of action that converges with their objectives. Executive coaching develops personal leadership skills, improves goal setting and decision making, accelerates goal achievement and improves communication and relationships.


•   Executives
•   Managers
•   Directors of companies and organizations

Uses of Executive Coaching
Executive coaching is tailor-made to fit the needs of the individual. There are many various reasons for coaching::• entering a new position
• preparation for change management
• managing stress
• coping with change, conflict or crisis
• enhancing personal impact
• finding inspiration to maintain high level of performance
• dealing with redundancies or restructuring
• development of others
• need for a sounding board for senior level leader
• coping with life/work balance
• need for a new leadership style
• career
• opportunities
• etc.
Benefits of Executive Coaching include – for the company:
• increase opportunities to create winners and winning teams
• a good way for the company to clarify its ambition to develop its own staff
• improve and develop the role of the individual in the team
• a very cost-effective way to retain and develop key personnel
• efficiently support implementation of organizational change

Benefits of Executive Coaching include – for the individual:
• clarify the individual‘s goals and values
• formulate goals that are specific, measurable and motivating
• greater commitment from the coachee (client)
• increase creativity, empowerment and ownership with the coachee (client)
• improve management and leadership skills
• create an increased level of confidence in the professional role
• create a space for reflection and consideration, directly and positively impacting business operations
• increase performance and improve health

How are we doing this?
In an initial analysis phase, the client‘s needs, desired outcomes from coaching and coaching format are clarified through a self-inventory. The implementation phase comprises the actual coaching process to achieve the identified needs and desired outcomes. The specific coaching content and methodology is entirely customized to your needs and the desired result.

Coaching for individual leadership development
The program varies according to the client‘s needs, ranging from urgent action to long-term objectives. All scenarios are managed with and supported by the main coaching processes:• Self-image – How do I see myself?
Basic approach that promotes change and development
• Vision – What is it that I want?
Methods to set clear and specific goals for the client and with others
• Values – What do I get out of achieving what I want?
Models that help to understand client’s and others’ thought processes
• Beliefs – How do I see “my” reality?
Methods to help the client overcome limiting beliefs and attitudes
• Motivation – What makes me perform?
Structured survey of motivations, values, skills, interests, etc.
• Action – What, when, how and why?
Techniques to create powerful strategies and actions to achieve goals
• Feedback – What have I learned and what results have I generated?
Receiving and giving feedback and understanding the consequences of doing and not doing

These discussions often identify personal needs regarding work environment, work content, quality of life, future learning needs and skills development and alternative paths and development opportunities.

Coaching for Team leadership development

As a Company Leader or Organizational Development Leader, you might be struggling with the following:
• Lack of a supportive framework
• Difficulty in handling all the new roles and balancing activities
• Dedication to success & readiness to adapt
• Wondering why your programs aren’t providing the ROI and desired business measurements?

Executive coaching addresses the challenges you may be having with your teams, such as:
• Fostering diversity, creativity & innovation
• Appreciating differences
• Support & encouragement
• Developing high performing, sustainable teams
• Management & employee buy-in
• Sustaining motivation & usage of new tools
• Building functional, “virtual” teams
• Substantiating collaborative values in your organization
• Collecting ideas for continuous innovation

The Coaching Process

• The coaching process typically runs over 6 (12) months
• Generally, 6-12 (12-18) sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours of individual coaching in one-on-one sessions
• Includes the coach’s preparation, implementation of coaching sessions, ongoing coaching and follow-up after completion of the program
• Strengthening Effectiveness Actions (SEA) homework between sessions
• Options for phone coaching & support and e-mail contact between coaching sessions
• Regular appraisals/feedback throughout program implementation and as follow-up at program end

What can you expect from Talent?

• Professional approach and delivery
• Many years of experience in coaching, supporting and developing leaders and teams
• Highly trained and experienced internationally certified coaches and consultants
• Total confidentiality
• Follows the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) and International Coaching Community’s (ICC) ethical guidelines for coaching