Executive search

What is Executive Search?

Executive search and headhunting is the safest method of finding new leaders. The process of finding the right leader is more in-depth and requires more time than traditional recruitment. This entails finding the top people within their respective professions, people who are happy and secure in their careers and are recognized as capable of delivering results. In short – the employees that current employers want to retain and prevent from being lured away by some other organization. Our mission is to help our clients to identify these people, attract them and recruit them to a new team or new position. While ensuring that they will be the right leaders or specialists for the new organization, we match the right people with the right responsibilities.


Leaders, managers, specialists and directors of companies and organizations.

How do we do this?

An initial analysis phase establishes the foundation for recruitment and clarifies the client‘s needs and desired recruitment outcome. We ensure the requirement profile with several of the company’s stakeholders, with a focus on the company’s financial and business platform, and prepare a recruitment schedule. We use proven research methods in our search process, using relevant networks, contact agents and referees. We use database searches only in exceptional circumstances.

The search and screening process takes 3-5 weeks and results in a sample group of several dozen or more people who are scanned and interviewed by telephone. From this group of distinguished candidates we meet with 10-15 people for in-depth interviews and analyses. We then present three candidates to the principal for appointment. For the selected candidates, we conduct extensive reference checks, relevant examinations and customized tests with high levels of reliability and validity. The whole process takes 6-10 weeks depending on complexity.

On-boarding Coaching

Our search assignments include, if the client so desires, 3 months of on-boarding coaching conducted by one of Talent’s certified coaches.

Meeting expectations

A professionally conducted recruitment is a good investment. We therefore focus on setting the highest possible standards for our clients, our referees and our own matching capabilities to deliver the right candidates. We ensure that our clients are always entirely satisfied with the results. In cases where an external recruitment has not been made as a consequence of our high standards and demands, the solutions we have proposed have always been better. Each recruitment is unique – as is each solution.
What do we offer to the recruited candidate? Our analysis provides the candidate with a comprehensive picture of the client‘s situation, operations and growth opportunities as well as required and desired skills and behavior and performance expectations.

What can you expect from Talent?

• Extensive experience in supporting and developing leaders and teams
• Highly trained and experienced executive search consultants
• Total confidentiality
We follow the guidelines for ethical recruitment issued by the Executive Search Consultants (ESK) of Sweden