Client References

This section of our website provides real-life examples of how we‘ve worked with our clients to help them meet their business and coaching goals.



Region Middle East Asia
•  Scope: team of 16 people, 10 different nationalities representing 23 countries from Sudan to Pakistan
Team: Regional leadership team
• Objective: Enhance trust and transparency, increase assurance levels and individual leadership skills
• Delivery: Team Coaching & Executive Coaching
• Measurable outcome: Process ongoing

”Best program I have ever been on”, Last year we had McKinsey and Petersen – this was much better”

Ericsson AB


National Institute of public health, Stockholm/Östersund, Sweden
• Scope: General Director and organizational HR development
Team: Authority leadership team
• Objective: Develop leadership skills
• Delivery: Executive Coaching & Team Coaching
• Measurable outcome: Still in process

“You really know this”. “We have got much more than we asked for”, We are prolonging the relationship into next year”

National Institute of public health


Äldreliv Nordost

EU-project Life of elderly, Stockholm, Sweden
• Scope: individual leadership and team coaching, strategy consulting, entrepreneurship advisory
Team: Regional leaders and teams in the public and private health care sector, 7 municipal councils and 50 privately-owned elder care facilities. 250 leaders and 40+ teams participated
• Objective: Expand and enhance leadership, entrepreneurship and strategy development
• Delivery: Executive Coaching & Team Coaching
• Measurable outcome: Overall high development results. Cited by external auditor as most valuable effort in the program, 3-6 times more cost-efficient than traditional leadership development programs

“I want to continue working with you”!, “Can you come next year too?””Did we do this – together? Fantastic!”

EU-project Life of elderly


Nacka kommun

Nacka Municipality Council dept. of education, Stockholm, Sweden
• Scope: Establishing a new high school concept
Team: School leadership team
• Objective: Attract more students to an old school with diminishing student population
• Delivery: Strategy consulting, market entry, organizational development
• Measurable outcome: Attracted 500+ students to first open house, most visited stand at Stockholm school fair 2010

“I would never have imagined this outcome – now we really need to reconsider change!”

Nacka Municipality Council

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