Methods and Measures

At Talent we work with global state-of-the-art methods and use highly validated and reliable analysis and testing tools for coaching individuals and ROI teams.
We have deeper partnerships with some providers (listed below) and make extensive use of their methods and tools, which have proven to be ideal for us. But we are continuously canvassing the market for other reliable “modi operandi” and helpful means of enhancing our services.


Talent has a wide range of online tools that we use when working with our clients. For team and individual coaching and development programs, we find that effective and timely feedback is a key contributor to rapid growth and performance improvement – and our tools are invaluable in providing this feedback.
Our tools are tried and tested and have been used globally with clients from a range of industries. All are web-based, making them the perfect choice for anyone working with individuals and teams in disbursed locations across the world.

Our Partners
Talent partners with leading international coaching education providers, tools providers and assessment centers. Our main partners are:
•   Team Coaching International Inc.
•   Richard Lewis Communications Ltd.

For descriptions of the methods and tools provided by our partners and utilized by Talent, see the individual pages under “Partners”.
Estimating the return on investment (ROI) of Executive Coaching
We use our in-house coaching evaluation tool, Talent ROI, to estimate the return on investment of our executive coaching and team coaching engagements. Read more here:
ROI of Coaching