Team coaching

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Team Coaching – what is it and what results can you expect?

Working with developing groups into teams is crucial for all organizations that want to stay in the market place. The balance of factors such as positivity/negativity has to be in focus to make teams sustainable and high performing. These goals are reached by coaching the team to be at its best – every day.

Well-functioning team is a key factor for success. Team and Business Coaching provide measurable
results of operations and have in international studies shown an ROI of an average of 7 times the investment. Experienced team coaches supervise and train the group to discover and evaluate their inherent strengths and potentials and to use and develop them in the best way. The process is concretely linked to and measured against business objectives. Team coaching is suitable for eg management teams and planning, sales and marketing teams of 4-15 people.

Talent has extensive experience of working with team and leadership development. We are trained and certified in a world-leading methodology for getting groups to develop into strong, sustainable and well functioning team. We will help the group to jointly build a working and transform to a working environment and peer approach that ensures cooperation, greater job satisfaction and measurable productivity gains.

How does it work?

A web-based mapping and detailed situation analysis, Team Diagnostic Assessment ™ (TDA), lays the foundation for team coaching process, which then continues for 6 to 12 months. During an intensive workshop, we review team TDA results, working with practical exercises and formulate goals and concrete action plans. This is followed by monthly meetings, where the team works together with two coaches who support, train and provide feedback. It all followed up with a new TDA analysis and final workshop to evaluate the team‘s development and look forward. It has been shown in international measurements of Team Coaching International Inc., the team that worked under this methodology increased its positivity and productivity by an average of 25%, while parallel measurements on priority business objectives have given similar results.

How can you improve your team‘s performance?

As a Business Executive, HR Manager or Project or Department Team Leader, are you struggling with implementation challenges like:
•   Leveraging your teams for more output
•   Proposal response efficiency
•   Meeting and decision making quality
•   Business performance management
•   Increased sales generating
•   Building strong and agile teams
•   Building and expanding customer relationships
•   Getting competence closer to customer
•   Building functional “virtual” teams
•   Collecting ideas for continuous innovation
•   Gaining influence and higher impact as team leader and as team
•   Sustaining motivation
•   Management & employee buy-in
•   Cascading collaborative values in your organization
And other issues…

Talent deliver programs for building collaboration in teams, organizations & business, with individual growth and development as an integral component. Development of Virtual, Multi-Functional & Cross-Cultural teams, Executive coaching for managers at all levels and agile process and performance management. Our expertise is to combine business measurements with highly skilled , top performing and sustainable teams and leaders.

How can you gain an ROI on your team of up to 25% in 6 months?
Team coaching is the art of maximizing performance by improving the ability of a group of individuals to work together towards a set of strategic goals.
We believe that this is an uncapped goldmine for companies wishing to improve their internal organizational performance and at the same time affect the organizations business. A sub-optimal group or team performance can inhibit individual performance, creating inefficiency, frustration and deteriorating working relationships. All because of that we are not trained to co-act as a team, we are just supposed to understand the how-to when we become managers. But team skills does not come with organizational level – quite often we see the worst team behavior in the upper echelons.
We often work with teams who are looking towards achieving:
•   deeper trust and transparency
•   alignment in implementation
•   clarity on the goals and roles of the team
•   greater engagement
•   a compelling shared vision
•   higher degrees of self-responsibility
•   creative ways of achieving objectives
•   an accepted decision-making process

We particularly advocate team coaching when a new team is formed or when an existing team needs to improve or change inherent practices.
Our track record for delivering exceptional results is a testimony to our faculty of exceptional team coaches who have worked successfully with teams from a wide range of organizations across the public and private sector.
And – we measure the development!
Our Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA) is only one of many tools that we use to measure success within the teams during a coaching process of 6 months. Global results from the last 5 years show an average increase in positivity of 25% and in productivity of 23 %. We ask our teams to measure parallel business results and we can clearly see the effect in the business measurements.