Top Team Coaching

Would your senior team benefit from an exceptional leadership development program?

“Top team coaching is invaluable in improving the performance of the board or the management teamAs a leadership and coaching consultancy, we take pride in working in partnership with you to develop a program that provides optimum return on investment. Our bespoke interventions are designed following a consultation, and delivered in close co-operation with our clients. We focus on working with you to create a transformation for the team which is powerful, sustainable and deeply embedded.

Reasons for team coaching and how to identify problems in your top team
Many teams do not function to their highest capacity. This can be for a number of reasons:
•   the team may be geographically dispersed
•   the team may be cross-functional
•   they may have fallen into below-standard working patterns
•   they may be collected from a wide geographical range with cross-cultural implications
perhaps they are newly formed, or new team members have recently joined the group.
•   they may suffer from the “boiling frog syndrome” – too long at the top…

While the underperformance of any team would be a problem for most businesses, difficulties within a top team have an impact upon the whole organization. Top team coaching really can make the difference between reaching targets and falling short.    
We take a combined approach to top team development. For example we bring together the best of team coaching, psychometrics, leadership training and group facilitation. This allows us to address the range of barriers which may stop a team from reaching their full potential.
The benefits of top team coaching
The benefits of top team coaching are:

•    effective collaboration
•    greater alignment
•    strategy execution
•    improved service
•    retention of staff
•    work-life balance