Three steps

What´s up? - So What? - What's Next?


1. Change

What is your reason for looking for support or for change?

1.Possibilities – Challenges

2.Problems -Conflicts– Diversity


4.Move: Demands – next level

What is there to say more about this?

What is behind all this?

Is this individual or is this about your team?


2. Consequences

What does that mean to/for you? Why is this important?

1.Consequences – what if, what if not?

2.Danger-risk – loss



What more can you tell about consequences of acting /not acting upon?

What is worst, average, best case scenario?

Is this consequential for you as an individual or for your team?


3. Future

What needs to happen? What do you need to do?, what is your goal?

1.Do self- action – start to

2.Get others to do , Find-order


4.Plan and result

What would be the best result?

What use would you have of a coach?

Is this an individual goal or a goal for your team?